• Glass Color – the best your space can get

    Glass Color is not only a perfect project, a unique idea and utmost precision in project execution, but also a huge variety of products available. Our work is tailor-made and we help in choosing the proper accessories. We put all the pieces together so that they fit perfectly.

  • Glass producer for apartment, office space and public space arrangement

    Our glass products are functional, easy to use and simple to maintain. What is more, we use glass that does not gather limescale or smudges. All the construction elements work without any faltering. We also take care in choosing them properly, so that they fit the surrounding area. 

  • Fittings store

    Our goal is to provide our clients with perfect and reliable products that will work in their homes, workplaces, places to rest and even shopping malls. Our fittings will make an apartment, hotel, office building, restaurant, shopping mall or other public space change into a more subtle and unique place. 

Tailor-made glass projects

Glass Color is a company with years of experience and the best quality of glass and glass fittings on the market. In our offer, we have a variety of solutions, i.e. mirrors to size, glass railing, glass door, shower cabins to size, glass paneling and kitchen splashbacks with graphics. We provide professional help in designing the best solutions for your needs. We take up projects for both, individual clients and offices, shops and shopping malls.

Glass Color is a company working on large scale investments as well, working directly at building sites with architects and general contractors. We cooperate with interior designers for individual and institutional investors. Depending on the project we can offer various types of glass: tempered glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, enameled glass and graphics on glass. 

What will you find in our offer?

We offer professional measuring, transport, and assembly of our glass elements. Our vast experience and cooperation with leading producers of glass and glass fitting accessories of the highest repute allow us to take up various projects.

We only provide glass of the highest quality prepared by experienced specialists in the field with the use of state-of-the-art machinery. On top of that we take up non-standard projects in any size that you can see in our gallery. We also provide the following services:

cutting glass to size, tempering glass, polishing glass and removing scratches from glass panes. 

  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Glass door  
  • Shower cabins to size
  • Glass storefronts       
  • Glass bulkheads
  • Loft walls
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Glass awnings
  • Glass railings
  • Interior partitions
  • Enamelled glass
  • Bath screens
  • Mirrors to size
  • Glass partitioning

Unique creations for Home & Office

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We take up projects Europe-wide

In every project we are flexible, provide complex services of the highest quality and value our clients’ time. We follow these guidelines on every stage of cooperation, starting with an inquiry, pricing, project, and execution. Our highly trained sales and technical employees provide services of the highest standards. We cooperate with the best architects so that the final effect satisfies even the most demanding investor. We treat each client individually and their expectations become our goals. We are to help and solve even most puzzling issues and also to show how great a material glass is.

We also provide ready-made glass elements for contractors, building companies and interior designers. We also produce and process glass, doing our best to improve the everyday life of our customers. Apart from ready-made products, we offer a wide selection of glass elements on demand, adjusted to every possible interior and individual needs. We take the utmost care when it comes to the comfort and needs of our clients and partners. 

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